We live in a world where the present means so much important to one and all, that knowing about the things that happen at this very moment, brings plenty of excitement and chill. Summing up all that is the “Current Affairs” bandwagon. We want to make an affair about nothing, and maybe that’s the reason why, the latest news, gossips, political changes, sports, environment, R&D, finance, markets, etc., are all brought under this broad perspective.

Why do we need an electrifying name? Why not this be termed as a present affair or call it just news?! It is this excitement we yearn for, that keeps us to be in the know, about happenings around the world. Thereby we need a name, a reference that portrays the same kind of thoughts, that adds a scintillating touch to what we want to know and how we want to hear – nothing more and nothing less!

Electrifying News

Nothing excites us more than some hot news! It is important to remember though, that the same news may not be perceived as ‘hot news’ by two different individuals. The things that matter the most to an individual is classified as ‘hot’, ‘electrifying’, ‘scintillating’, etc. It can also be information on something or someone about whom individuals show interest. This is where media cashes in – whatever matters the most to a large group is categorized and flashed as hot and important!


The interest to know more, has ensured that we have a thriving and increasing job market for news breakers and whistle blowers! Media plays a vital role in the present-day to bring to us news and messages across the globe. Thanks to them, we are never short of information and are always aware about things that happen, and do not happen, in any part of the globe. We do not rely on the radio, televisions and newspapers alone, to know about the outside world, the internet has ensured that any info is available at the tip of our fingers, in the literal sense. Mobile internet has found its way of making things easy for us.

Most televisions, magazines and newspapers in the present-day have ensured that they are available online as well, to reach out to their global audience. It is exciting to note that an Indian can read an American daily sitting from the comfort of his house in Mumbai and a South African can go through interesting Bollywood gossips from his easy chair in Johannesburg. The internet feeds our desire to learn more. Knowledge is like an unsatisfied mistress, the more you get for her, the more she wants. There is no saturation point to this nature of us, which is to the advantage of journalists, newsrooms, news providers and news makers.

Multiple Challenges

There are multiple challenges that the world faces today. Global financial crisis, exhaustive conflicts, political paranoia, natural catastrophes, agreements and disagreements, social changes, entertainment podiums, sporting arenas, etc., bring in answers to questions like what, where, how, when and why. As humans, we are curious beings, who are eager to learn new things and experiment new arenas for old ones. The challenges that the world faces and we face as individuals in our day-to-day lives are given a bout of color and glamour when these are exposed as news and current affairs. It makes it easier for us to relate to it in our lives or in the lives of people whom we know, admire and respect.

Emotional Quotient

Anything that is new is news, and anything in the news is what is happening at the moment in some part of the world. We are excited, happy, sad, pained and angered by many things that happen around us – and current affairs help us satisfy that emotional quotient that yearns to be fulfilled in each and every one.

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